Genetic Banking

We offer genetic banking of your specific varieties so that when you place an order we can ship your specific plants back to you. Genetic banking is piece of mind and allows you to off site you motherstock securely.

Pathogen Elimination

Through a proprietary process we have developed measures to eliminate all harmful pathogens. We are working to build an index of pathogens and  treatments for elimination. A clean start is an important part of any grow.

Young Plants

We can provide URC's, rooted, teens and stock plants. On scale, on time. With experience in young plant production of over 50,000,000 annually, we aim to use that same knowledge to help the cannabis industry.


Tissue Culture Treatment

With proper tissue culture initiation and pathogen elimination treatments we can clean up and bring back the vigor of your favorite cultivars. Our experience has shown us that Tissue Culture, even meristem culturing, is not a silver bullet. It is the treatments that we have developed during culture that allow us to eliminate viruses that have proven harmful to cannabis.

Genetic Banking

Moving your genetics to our secure location allows you to do what you do best. We take the time, manpower, and risk off your hands. With your mother-stock and cloning operations safely out of your way you can rededicate that valuable floorspace to flowering. We can provide you with ready to flower teens that have been grown vegetatively in a way that will increase their yields. Taken from our tissue culture lab, the young plants you receive will give you the best chance at success in both breeding and flowering.


How to get started...

Email us and we will be in touch to put together a plan for success.