What is your lead time?

As the next season approaches, the demand is high, so place your orders now! We have rooted cuttings in stock and can also provide URC’s. Order here or call us at 844-936-5227

Why clones, not seeds?

While seeds might offer a cheaper start, inconsistencies over the long-term will end up costing money in labor and yield-loss. Clones however, offer unmatched uniformity, ensuring plants have exact same characteristics as the mother stock they are taken from.

Do you provide COA's?

Yes, we have COA’s for all of our varieties and field test each season to ensure accurate data and test results. Our COA’s are tested by county guidelines 30 days before harvest and each week following. Talk to a team member to learn more.

How are orders shipped?

We can deliver right to you or if you have a distributor or preferred means for shipping we can accommodate that as well

How do I place an order?

Call or email us and we can reach out directly to design a crop plan that will best work for you.

Reserve your clones today

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