Healthy Clones,
On Scale and On Time

Skip the seeds. We deliver strong, clean cuttings for a more consistent yield

We’re committed to elevating the standard for cannabis cultivators across America.  Every ZENLAB starter plant is nurtured with clean, pure water and high-quality nutrients. A proprietary organic disease and pest control process guarantees the plants you receive are fresh, healthy, and ready to deliver maximum yield and potency.
We carefully select our mother plants for their strength and hardiness, to ensure each and every one of our products delivers a reliably potent cannabinoid profile. Our dedicated greenhouses for mother stock and rooting can meet orders of all sizes and come in a full selection of liners and mediums, giving our customers the widest range of options to suit any environment.

Every starter plant from ZENLAB’s nursery is guaranteed to be...

Substantially larger and with strong, well-developed root systems so they grow faster and healthier.

Always of uniform size and growth stage so you have predictable harvests.

Hardened off so they’re ready for high intensity lighting and full-strength nutrients.

Clean and resistant to pests and disease.

Genetic Restoration and Pathogen Elimination

Bring back the vigor of your favorite cultivars.

Managing genetics in house is a mistake even the most experienced growers make, and can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue. By employing proven propagation protocols, as well as our own proprietary techniques for disease and pathogen elimination, our geneticists can unlock latent traits to bring out the very best each varietal has to offer.

Genetic Banking

Let us take the time, manpower, and risk off of your hands by moving your genetics to our secure laboratories.Our on-site gene bank preserves an identical “blueprint” of the cultivars that are integral to your brand, ensuring that you always have access to the varieties you want, right when you need them. And with your mother stock and cloning operations secured safely offsite, you can dedicate more valuable floor space to flowering, allowing you to focus on what makes you most profitable.

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