Our Approach

Leveraging over 25 years of R&D, tissue culture and nursery operations we have been able to cultivate a truly unique system. With a cleaner and more vigorous starting plant we give our partners and customers the best chance at success.

Our Story

Our family of companies, partners and employees have a deeply rooted desire to see the market succeed. We have been working to collect one of the largest genetic libraries through our dedicated team of growers. We believe in the legacy operators and the opportunities that this bourgeoning space offers them. We are excited about what the combination of their knowledge and our technology has to offer.

Meet the Team

We are constantly growing and looking for the right people to be a part of our team. Well positioned for success with a clear objective of bringing the science and industry knowledge to this space. We are ZENLABS, meet a few of our key personnel.

Michael Boshart

President - Director

  • Founder of Zenleaf LLC
  • Successful entrepreneur
  • 20 years experience
    • Start Ups
    • General Management
    • Strategic Planning
Kelly Stopher

CFO - Director

  • 29 Years accounting and finance experience
  • Last 10 years in the public sector
    • Certified financial modeling valuation analyst
  • Managing Member of Palouse Advisory Partners:
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Financial reporting
Lindsay Gorrill


  • Founder of Kore Power
  • Fund Raising and IPO success
  • 28 years experience in 
    • Board and committee governance
    • Start up to successful operations
    • Developing plant and mining operations in three countries

Karl Metz

COO - Director

  • B.S from University of San Diego
  • Nursery General Management
    • Over 200 Acres in production
    • 25M in annual sales
    • 10M plus units sold per year
    • Fleet of 15 trucks
Craig Dickhout

CMO - Director

  • Owner of Think Ink Marketing
  • Co-Founder HempLand USA
  • Over 20 years experience
    • Start Ups
    • Marketing
    • General Management
Ian Cole

Lab Manager

  • MSC  Environmental Science with a focus on medicinal plant metabolism and chemistry
  • BSC  Horticultural Studies University of Florida
  • 15 Years Experience in
    • Tissue Culture
    • Young Plant Production