Tissue Culture / Genetic Banking

For our customers who insist on growing only what they have grown. We offer genetic locking of your specific varieties so that when you place an order we can ship your specific plants back to you. Genetic banking is piece of mind.

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Pathogen Elimination Treatement

Through a proprietary process we have developed measures to eliminate all harmful pathogens. We are working to build an index of pathogens and  treatments for elimination. A clean start is an important part of any grow

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Young Plant Sales and Services

We can provide URC's, rooted, teens and stock plants. On scale, on time. With experience in young plant production of over 50,000,000 annually, we aim to use that same knowledge to help the cannabis industry.

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providing piece of mind

By providing clean, uniform and identical young plants we give you the baseline. When you know exactly what is going in with very little variances, you will understand what comes out.

Making changes in your fertigation, lighting and environmental's you will be able to track exactly what it adding value.

It is all in the data and figuring out how to ge the most out of your plants is made easier by knowing everything about the plant you are starting with. Clean reliable young plants is what we provide to you on time and on scale.


How to order...

Call us or send us an email and someone from our team will get back to you with the information you need to get started.