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Welcome to California’s premiere source for healthy, vigorous, THC and CBD clones. Decades of experience in young plant propagation and nursery operations have taught us how vital a healthy start is to a successful harvest.That’s why we located our farms in sunny San Diego County, which boasts one of the world’s greatest growing climates. With more than 160 unique cultivars to choose from, and an infinite variety of custom solutions, ZENLABS can deliver exceptional THC and CBD clones to fit the needs of any operation.The benefits of a dependable nursery relationship to your cultivation facility go far beyond the cost savings.


Healthy and potent THC and CBD clones 25 years of experience working in large-scale commercial agriculture, plant propagation, and nursery operations. One of the world’s largest repositories for genetically banked cannabis genomes.

Every starter plant from ZENLAB’s nursery is guaranteed to be…

Substantially larger and with strong, well-developed root systems so they grow faster and healthier.

Substantially larger and with strong, well-developed root systems so they grow faster and healthier.

Hardened off so they’re ready for high intensity lighting and full-strength nutrients.

Clean and resistant to pests and disease

Deep Roots by Cannacribs

San Diego Cannabis with Zen Leaf (Deep Roots) by Cannacribs

In this episode, Autumn Karcey visits Zen Leaf in San Diego to get a behind-the-scenes look at how their business operates, to learn about their expert climate and lighting setups, their growing methods and insider tips, as well as to hear the personal stories of the people involved with Zen Leaf and the cannabis industry.

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Genetic Banking

Let us take the time, manpower, and risk off your hands by moving your genetics to our secure laboratories. To see our clones, click the button.



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